Learn to read it, react to it and apply it!

“Until you realize how easy it is for your mind to be manipulated, you remain the puppet of someone else's game.”
―Evita Ochel

Manipulation, lies and deception are nothing new. But in an age of fake news, online scams and social media, they have the potential to affect every aspect of our lives including our own daily interactions – be they personal or professional.

This manipulation has one goal - to gain power over someone without them realising it using verbal and non-verbal communication. So how can we best equip ourselves to respond?

The good news is that neurological research has reached a level where it can be established to a very high degree of accuracy how non-verbal communication works as an element of manipulation. Forget simple explanations of crossed arms or eye movements, our new and innovative series of short training units (called Brain-Shots) goes much deeper using the scientific context to show how to understand and detect manipulation.

No matter if you are a sales professional or a CEO, an artist or an accountant, a dog walker or a teacher, our trainings are for you, because being able to read manipulation is a huge advantage for everyone.

You can choose from different plan levels according to your needs. Find out more about the training concept and plans  below.

What makes the Brain-Shots successful? The knowledge certainly, but most of all making it understandable and easy to learn.

Intuitively reading people is something that has been done before, but offering modules of 50 minutes of intensive online training to learn, understand, apply and anchor this knowledge is new.

Brain-Shots are about understanding the structure of manipulation, how to read lies or how to recognise intimidation.

Each session is divided into a short teaching (the Brain-Shot) and a mini-workshop to apply what you’ve learned. These are designed to maximise the benefit in a minimum amount of time so you can quickly become proficient in reading people.

All the trainings are available online, accessible any time and everywhere making learning, easy, fun and efficient.

The Training Concept
brain-shot trainings make preconceptions explode

“Until you realize how easy it is for your mind to be manipulated, youremain the puppet of someone else's game.”
―Evita Ochel

Manipulation, deceit, lies, it all comes down to information which is not verbal, or rational and has the goal to gain power over someone without him/her knowing it.

Learning to understand how it works is key if you want to avoid being manipulated.

The reason why this subject appears now is simple. Brain Research has reached a level where it can be established with a very high level of accuracy how our non-verbal communication works. Forget the simple explanations of crossed arms or eye movements, here we deal with a real scientific background.

And now that it is possible, people start to learn it and read you or worse. Brain-Shot has developed short training units that offer well structured portions to learn it easily. They are fun, intense and very useful. And it works.

Take the VIP Plan and you will find yourself proficient within a few months. Start now if you are a teacher or leader who doesn't want to be manipulated. Students and young employees are very keen learners.

Have a look in the About section to learn more about how it works.

recognising power play
noticing manipulation

spotting lies

understanding fear
detecting scams

Putting different sciences together and using the impressive performance of brain research, it was possible to build a scientific basis. So reading people stands on a solid ground.  While it was intuitive it couldn't be reproduced, but now we put all our effort into providing it as short, easy to apply training units.

Brain-Shot trainings

We recommend that you take the trainings successively. They are developed to train your reading skills and build on each other. It best works with one of our plans. You can cancel any time.
If you rather take a brain-shot here and there, that's fine too. You can choose any of the following.
Give it a go. We have a full money back guarantee within 20 days of purchase.

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Manipulation - Danger, Structure and Origin

Manipulation has a very bad reputation and is feared or ignored by most people. But now it is taking on a whole new meaning through fake news, online fraud and social media that will change all of our lives in the next few years. Here we explain the origin of the manipulation, the basic structure and, using three examples, how it is already demanding victims. This is the first of 30 manipulation training sessions.

ca. 70 Euro
ca. 75 US$

billed in CHF, the other amounts are informational and can vary with course changes

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Power - how Intuition fails us

An instant reaction to power made us fit for survival during the Stone Ages but can kill us today. How does it affect our survival?

ca. 70 Euro
ca. 75 US$

billed in CHF, the other amounts are informational and can vary with course changes

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Attention - all the things we do to get it

At the dawn of humanity, our need for attention ensured the survival of mankind. How can it be used today to scam us?

ca. 70 Euro
ca. 75 US$

billed in CHF, the other amounts are informational and can vary with course changes

Her trainings changed my vision of people

C.N. Freiburg.i.B.
I can recommend these Brain-Shots to everyone. It is worth every penny.

The trainings really make a difference

M.D. ZH Switzlerand
I liked the strong examples

R.M. Sales Professional
You can always rely on her advises to understand a situation

I can't wait to watch the next one

S.B. Engineering
I am a lot better in understanding the people in my team now

Peter, Department Leader
She has a way to explain behaviours that make them understandable and interesting

Sven, Head of Production
I understand my daughter a lot better now

Mother of a teenager

Choose Your Plan

Which plan best fits your needs? The Premium and VIP plans give you access to the trainings in a structured way. While Premium focuses on a steady progress, VIP is faster and more independent, giving your faster access to all 30 Brain-Shots. It suits people who want to get up to speed as fast as possible.
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Three Manipulation Trainings per months over 10 months

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Three new trainings on your platform every month to allow a steady progress.

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All 30 Manipulations Trainings

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Access 6 new Trainings per month**

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* Manipulation Trainings will be followed in January 2022 by specialised Trainings for Sales, Leadership and Brain-Shot Life.
** Brain-Shots will be published twice a month from August 30th, 2021 to January 15th 2022.
*** You will be refunded, deducing only CHF 64.- for the Brain-Shots already published.