What's in the name?

The name Brain-Shot refers to the little shot glasses with a high-intensity drink which makes our brain react.

No matter if it is alcoholic or a super food shot of ginger, they create an intense and fun experience much in the same way that Brain-Shot trainings will with every session you take.

And very much like shots our trainings are short, respecting  your busy lifestyle and the many demands on your time.  

Development of Brain-Shot

The Beginning

I grew up in an environment where reading people seemed crucial to me. So I observed and analysed, compared and later started to take notes. It became a second nature. But it was not a skill someone could learn at university. Medecine and Psychology seemed the closest, but both were finally a disappointment, still far from what I was looking for. So while I finished my studies and acquired professional experience, I looked for scientific evidence for my observations. One day I heard about the discovery of mirror neurons and knew that finally there was something worth enquiring, a path worth following.

The solution

So I focussed my research on mirror neurons, the recent results of brain research, brain scans and other discoveries in connection to recent development in brain research technology. Finally I could start to find scientific evidence of reading human non-verbal communication. It was possible to create clear boundaries towards the lie detector technology and the statements of NLP. Both are based on a very rudimentary knowledge of physiology and were far too hazardous for my taste.

Background & Experience


Magdalena Bischof grew up in Basel, Switzerland. Her experience includes:
Since 2002 leadership trainer, coach and supervisor in systemic, organisational dynamic coaching for industry and service providers, extensive experience in strategic analysis and development of training and development concepts for companies, long term coaching and training for management teams / executive teams and project teams. Extensive experience in analysing human behavior and developing strategies to improve interaction.
Development of training courses for “reading people”, micro-expressions and global reading skills of human interactions.
Coaching and training of conflict management in interpersonal situations.


Master in Systemic Coaching (MAS)
Coach und Supervisorin (BSO)
Master Practitioner Sales (NLP)
Psychology at Zurich University (1 year)
French and German Literature at Geneva University
Medecine at Geneva University (2 years)
Matur in Basel

Terminology and Equality

Brain-Shot and ReadNReact work based on completely egalitarian principles. In reading people there is no high or low, now right gene or wrong skin color, nor a right or wrong religion, sex or orientation. We want to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable. No matter if you are a sales professional or a CEO, an artist or a accountant, a dog walker or a teacher, our trainings are for you, because reading people is a huge advantage for everyone.

We want to be inclusive in our content and our language (or anything else for that matter) and do our best to use a terminology that feels good to everyone. If you feel that we could do better, please tell us. Send an email to allequal@brain-shot.ch

Design, Pictures, Films and Gifs

All films, design, pictures, textures and gifs are created by Genesis Digital Art (GDA) and Techa Film Studios (TFS) for ReadNReact and Brain-Shot. They are property of ReadNReact and might not be used without clear, written authorisation from ReadNReact to the user.

Use of films

The Brain-Shot films are developed and priced to be used by one person only. It is not allowed to share the material or view it in professional or private groups. Please contact Brain-Shot if you would like to do so.

Copyright and intellectual property

All material and trainings are intellectual property of ReadNReact. The use of any of our material falls under copyright law. It might neither be copied nor quoted without written authorisation by Brain-Shot.

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